• Next Meeting 21 January 2022

    2022 Saturday, 11th June Saturday, 16th July Saturday, 3rd September Saturday, 8th October Contact Keith Winter for details.

  • Shrewsbury Technical High School Cricket 15 June 2021

    The winning team photographed in Shrewsbury’s abbey gardens in the early 60s. Memories of the big matches won have retreated into the mists of time. I (editor) was never any good at cricket and appear centre front in this photograph as Maths teacher Mr Williams pressed me into the role of scorer – to help […]

  • Shrewsbury Technical High School Reunion 2022 Meeting Dates 10 May 2021

    In September 1957, Shrewsbury Technical High School opened. Two classes, H1 and H1a were launched – sharing the accommodation with students of the technical college and separate college of art and design. All in the same building alongside the river Severn by the English Bridge in Abbey Foregate. A remarkable number of class H1 members […]

  • Reunion 56 Years On 13 January 2020

    Students from one of the original two forms at the Shrewsbury Technical High School year of 57 were guests of two former teachers on Saturday 6th July 2013. Some fifty-six years on from the first meeting in their classroom, in what is now known as the Wakeman, students chatted over coffee in a sundrenched Church […]

  • Ditton Priors School 27 September 2019

    Shrewsbury Technical High School was created in 1957. In many ways it was a visionary move to create opportunities for pupils from outlying areas of rural Shropshire; as well as the county town. For my part it was an exciting voyage of discovery, an opportunity to reach unbelievable horizons. Alongside traditional academic subjects we were […]

  • Shrewsbury Technical High School, Nearwell and Sutton Lodge 16 April 2019

    Phil(ip) Tebble writes : I attended STHS from September 1958 until July 1965, which makes me a 58er. During this time I was also a boarder, first at Nearwell next to the column and then the hostel moved to Sutton Lodge in Betton Street. During my first 4½ years (or was 3½?) the hostel was […]

  • Raymond Cartwright 1961 29 November 2018

    Hello, my name is Raymond Cartwright and I attended Shrewsbury Technical High School. I stumbled across your site a few days ago and it stirred a lot of memories. As far as I can remember I started in September 1961 and stayed until sometime in 1963. Some of the pupils names I recall are: Bird […]

  • Annual Reunion Dinner 2018 2 November 2018

    Saturday 24 November 2018 Festive Annual Shrewsbury Technical High School Reunion Dinner Three-course dinner in Shrewsbury. A time for gathering with friends for 61st Christmas Party. Select from : Leek and Potato Soup, served with a Crusty Roll & Butter Ham Hock and Chicken Terrine with Chutney and Ciabatta Croutes Fan of Melon with Cucumber […]

  • Visit to Anglesey 23 March 2018

    Members of the H1 group of 1957 and partners were invited by John Avery and Barbara’s home on the island of Anglesey. They entertained us on a cold May 2011 day and gave us a conducted tour of most of the tourists highlights: quarries, lifeboat stations, bridges and stations with long names. It was a […]

  • Welcome 21 February 2018

    Welcome to the website of the Shrewsbury Technical High School class of 1957 This picture was taken in 1962 near the rear steps of the Shrewsbury Technical High School in Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK. These are members of form 5 1961-62 and most were founders of the school, formed in 1957. People in this photograph were […]

  • Saturday 13th January 2013 Last Look Round 13 January 2013

    A group of 1957 students from the first intake of the Shrewsbury Technical High School visited The Wakeman on Saturday 13th January 2013 for a last look round. The school is due to close in July 2013. Rosemary Hemming wrote “We enjoyed the trip round [the school]. I felt obviously the main structure of the […]