Shrewsbury Technical High School Reunion 2022 Meeting Dates

In September 1957, Shrewsbury Technical High School opened. Two classes, H1 and H1a were launched – sharing the accommodation with students of the technical college and separate college of art and design. All in the same building alongside the river Severn by the English Bridge in Abbey Foregate. A remarkable number of class H1 members have stayed in touch. Some H1a members have been in touch but we welcome contact from anyone with an interest. E-mail can be forwarded to those who agree. News items are invaluable, please send to :

Shrewsbury Technical High School Reunion

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Formed by the class of 1957

The group meets in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Advanced notices of meetings are prepared with an outlook of 12 months.
Currently meeting face to face with videoconference as an option option.
Please contact Keith Winter to register an interest and receive joining details.

Sixty-fourth Birthday Party 2020

On Saturday the 19th September 2020, as many of us as were able met online to celebrate the start of our 65th year as a group. And we still meet regularly online.

Sign up for the next session by contacting Keith winter (details below) :

We are successfully meeting using ZOOM video-conferencing. Saves getting stopped at the border or being quarantined.

On Saturday 16th May 2020, 9 of us met digitally. It was a welcome relief being able to chat across the ether without having to journey to Shrewsbury and back. For some a five minute walk for others several days across Europe.

It gave Roy Weaver from Cambridgeshire the opportunity to update with his news and for John Avery and Barbara to join from Anglesey. Chris and Rosemary Davison were in Hampshire just visiting from Austria at the beginning of March and finding themselves in 12 week lock-down. Not perfect timing said Chris. We all exchanged tales of how good we felt and Jenny with Julian reminded us how supportive our health system had been over the years. Discussion tailed off onto Brexit and ….

John remarked how good it was to see Roy and that it was their first visual encounter since school days.

Thanks to Keith for setting up the technology which was simple to use.

On 27th June 2020 we met virtually once more. A really good turnout this time, adding Rosemary Hemming. Our August meeting included John Cartwright and John Hunter. Good to interact with so many old friends.

Join us for the next meeting. To obtain virtual joining details, please contact Keith Winter (his details at foot of page).

Editor’s recommendation. Download the Zoom App for your device and take a test drive before our meetings. It’s easy to operate and the help files minimise panic searching for microphone or camera controls. CD.

Alwyn and Keith Winter

John and Barbara Avery

Freda Evans, Sheila Howard, Wendy Vaughn, Belgian school visit 1961.